Why Australians Soar in Wood Craftsmanship

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Timber is big business in Australia. Not only are there various soft woods and hard woods grown in different regions of the continent, but timber is prevalent in design and innovation. A certain amount of pride resonates from Australia on being technically advanced and skilled on this subject, respecting the qualities of nature’s finest sustainable resource.

Education for Serious Woodcrafting

From the time Australian children begin school, learning to sustain our planet becomes an important way of life. Utilizing renewable resources, such as reusing different types of wood, introduces students on how natural products can continue to enhance enhance daily living. Education centres and classes, sponsored by various schools and organizations, make the art of working with wood, even more prevalent. When natural resources, the right knowledge, and correct tools are readily available, a comfortable bond is easily made with what the earth has to offer.

Types of Wood for Projects

There are dozens of softwoods and hardwoods to select from in Australia, and many more that are imported from around the world. As the knowledge of timber grows, each species becomes an individual beauty in what it can deliver. Cedar and pine are softwoods that make good choices for handcrafting small items, while hardwoods, like oak, mahogany and camphor laurel, make long-lasting furniture. This is a crossroad where many artisans begin to prefer certain types of wood for individual crafts. Whatever the choice, a career in appreciating the properties of timber, is deeply ingrained in many amazing wood craftsmen.

Sustainable and Renewable Timber

One of the newest innovations of wood in Australia, comes from the camphor laurel tree that floods many residential communities. With big, strong roots, it takes little time for damage to occur in sewage and water lines. While thinning out these giant Evergreens is a necessity, pitching useful wood would be a sin to most environmentally-friendly artists. By studying the different cuts, durability and properties of this ancient tree, a new revelation has emerged.

Wood Craftsmanship with Camphor Laurel

It didn’t take long for artisans of wood to begin molding and creating this hardwood into beautiful works of art. One example, is the Wooden Rocking Horse. With well-established talents of tenderly shaping shoulders, realistic muscles and facial expressions, these beauties have caught the attention of the entire world. Other exhibits of tables and crafts are also in high demand, with the mesmerizing swirls of natural color that is found only in the camphor laurel species.

Far better than the loveliness of natural timber, are the skillful traits that are instilled in Australian artisans, choosing wood as their median in art. It is not difficult to tell the difference in a uniquely designed piece of furniture, made by a passionate wood-lover, and that of someone who considers this craft, nothing more than a job. Visit the work of the wood craftsmen of Australia, then compare to manufactured pieces that lack the intimate look and feel of furniture that is often passed down for generations.

adminWhy Australians Soar in Wood Craftsmanship