The Retrievable Qualities of Camphor Laurel

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If you are familiar with the story of the Ugly Duckling, you know that with time, and the right circumstances, near-impossible changes can occur. Such is the case with the Camphor Laurel tree. While standing alone, the majestic Evergreen adds tranquility and shade. However, this fast-growing tree creates havoc for fertile farmland, drinking up profits through powerful, thirsty roots. Suited for native mountain ranges, these massive 20 to 30 meter tall trees have become a parasite of massive proportion, in many populated areas.

How a Beautiful Species Turned Ugly

A natural product of Asia, the Camphor Laurel tree, or Cinnamomum camphora, was introduced to Australia in 1822, as an oriental beauty for parks and river ways. Unfortunately, this species does not share well and before long, other trees and plants were being starved to death from lack of water and nutrients. Thus, this stately tree, that was perfectly happy on the open mountains of Taiwan and Japan, became viewed as a common weed, needing to be plucked and destroyed.

Retrievable Hope for the Misunderstood

Camphor comes from the Camphor Laurel tree leaves and has many unique qualities. Manufactured as a spice, an incense additive and an ingredient in certain medicines, this species is far from useless. The wood also has a natural anti-flea killing substance and repels insects. One of the main ingredients of Eucalyptus oil, cineole, is attributed to Camphor Laurel. If all of these assets are not enough to deem this tree worthy, the quality of the hardwood is undeniably stately and sustainable.

The Swan Finally Awakens

Just like the Ugly Duckling that never asked to be black and awkward, the Camphor Laurel has finally been transformed into the great legacy that it deserves. By utilizing the qualities of this tree, while young and vibrant, for medicinal purposes and naturally removing pesky insects, the older species can also be put to good use. Instead of stripping forests and homes for wildlife, the Camphor Laurel is a perfect choice for hardwoods that make boards for building and artistic furniture. Sustainable, tough, insect repellent and naturally beautiful, Camphor Laurel is beginning to emerge as the leader in excellence, that it has always merited.

Many different types of furniture, today, are gaining praise over swirling colors of brown, rose and yellow that dance in the light of this quality hardwood grain. This timber is especially appealing when used by artisans, in crafting Wooden Rocking Horses. The aesthetic look adds texture and presence, along with the subtle scent of a crisp, forest morning. The Camphor Laurel was never meant to be taken from its natural setting, but has not changed in form or character. We are the ones that have begun to appreciate the retrievable qualities of an ancient master and what it has to offer.

adminThe Retrievable Qualities of Camphor Laurel