Children’s Rocking Horses Unleash the Power of Imagination

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The graceful speed and agility, courageous power, the intelligent cooperative spirit, and protective devotion of the horse have always captivated the imagination of mankind. Indeed, this beautiful creature has enchanting qualities that have inspired the dreams of even the most practically tempered humans. Even the most pragmatic people have enjoyed imagining the horse with wings, a horn, magical powers, and performing the most fantastic of feats in historical dramas and legendary stories. This intangible quality of inspiration may be the most magical power that this exquisite creature does indeed possess.

Toy horses have been unearthed that date back through the millenniums, and are found in all cultures that have been graced to interact with these wonderful creatures. Rocking horses are the pinnacle horse toy, as the rocking horse can be both admired visually and ridden.

It is believed that the rocking horse was created to acclimate and prepare children to ride real horses in an era of time that saw horses as the primary means for transportation. Thus, the practice of hand-crafting rocking horses from fine wood is a noble tradition with very practical roots in the necessities of a social structure that is still relevant today. For, while the horse is no longer the primary means of transportation in most modern societies, this lovely and majestic creature remains a treasured member in the households of many families.

The Wooden Rocking Horses of Australia Company produces fine hand-crafted rocking horses from the heartwood of the fragrant, antibacterial, and pest repellant camphor laurel tree. These finely crafted hardwood pieces are not only durable, but extremely beautiful. The grain textures of camphor laurel are crafted into exquisite swirling patterns that grace these one-of-a-kind rocking horses with traits and personalities as individual and unique as their flesh and blood counterparts.

These beautiful rocking horses are then finished with durable polyurethane that pulls forth the details of the grain and maintains the natural luster of the wood. This polyurethane coating will not chip, peel, crack, cloud, or change color with time, and protects the wood from warping due to exposure to extreme weather conditions.

The flowing manes and tails of the rocking horses produced by Wooden Rocking Horses of Australia Company are crafted from real horse hair, and the saddles, bridles, and stirrups are hand-crafted from fine quality leather by a professional saddler making these rocking horses examples of fine art as well as sturdy and practical toys. In fact, these substantial and finely crafted pieces can be passed from one generation of delighted youths to the next, and make awesome family heirlooms.

There are few things in life more rewarding than watching a child’s delight as their imagination soars while riding a wooden rocking horse. These precious moments tend to also unleash the imagination of the observer, and resurrect memories of their own youthful wild-romping-rides of fanciful imagination. The rocking horse taps into the inner-child of both young and older people, and that truly is magic.

Thus, the purchase of these one-of-a-kind hand crafted rocking horses is an investment that rewards the purchaser with dividends of joy, enchantment, and flights of imagination for generations to come. Such is the power of this finely crafted rocking horse.

Why not purchase two horses and share the ride with the youthful adventurer? One may discover the seeds of an author or an artist as each new adventurous story unfolds, one day after another. By sharing the adventure, one can nurture the story, and thus encourage the child’s creativity. Who knows, one may even find oneself inspired to write an adventurous story or two.

adminChildren’s Rocking Horses Unleash the Power of Imagination