Watch the wide-eyed amazement of your child at the sight of this Australian-made Wooden Rocking Horse. Sculpted to perfection and meticulously detailed, this artistic piece also looks great as a decorative item with almost any decor.

You can almost see the strong muscles of this beautiful stallion, flexing, as the camphor laurel wood delivers swirling shades of tan and brown. While this unique Wooden Rocking Horse calls for the appreciation of fine art, don’t let the breathtaking detail and realistic features fool you. This enchanting horse is built for fun and action.

Made from Camphor Laurel Hardwood

Australia is home to Camphor Laurel trees, and is used in crafting fine furniture. Besides omitting a fresh camphor smell, this timber is a hardwood that repels insects and has beneficial antibacterial properties. By utilizing the heartwood and interlocking grains, perfect, intriguing swirls are created through modern laminating and sculptural techniques, making each piece an original. Known for its environmental sustainable strength, Camphor Laurel allows you to enjoy, and pass down, your Wooden Rocking Horse for decades.

Artistically Crafted and Sustainable

After each Wooden Rocking Horse is sculpted into a strong, durable piece, a polyurethane coating is applied to protect the special wood. There is no need for oiling, plus there is no danger of warping or cracking. Unlike mass-produced models that are painted, you never have to worry about your fine piece peeling, chipping or fading with the test of time.

Only the best quality leather is used for the saddle, bridle and stirrups. Crafted by a professional saddler, the natural look and feel of this quality material, compliments the artistic flow of the wood. Real horse hair makes up the mane and tail for a truly awesome horse ride. The length of the Wooden Rocking Horse is 95 cm and the height (to the top of the head) is 110 cm. At a 43 cm width and weighing 25 kilos, the size is perfect for little ones to ride.