Rocking Horses Gallop the Globe

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Once upon a time the Rocking Horses of the world were but few and all ridden by the children of the affluent and wealthy. The sons and daughters of dukes and earls rocked in preparation for their horse-riding days to come much as the young children of today’s world move about in toy cars and trucks. The nineteenth century, positioned


adminRocking Horses Gallop the Globe

Children’s Rocking Horses Unleash the Power of Imagination

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The graceful speed and agility, courageous power, the intelligent cooperative spirit, and protective devotion of the horse have always captivated the imagination of mankind. Indeed, this beautiful creature has enchanting qualities that have inspired the dreams of even the most practically tempered humans. Even the most pragmatic people have enjoyed imagining the horse with wings, a horn, magical powers, and


adminChildren’s Rocking Horses Unleash the Power of Imagination

Rockin’ Old Horses

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For over 3,000 years, kids have been riding rocking horses. Though the sale and demand for toy rocking horses has declined due to the shifts in children’s interests, there are plenty of enthusiasts around the world who value rocking horses – contemporary and antique. Along with being a safe investment, rocking horses provide a link to the past. Antique Rocking


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