The Wooden Rocking Horse – Favourite Toy, Heirloom and Collector’s Item

This Australian-made Wooden Rocking Horse is without doubt the prettiest one on the market. The fine shape of the legs, head and body are immediately pleasing to the eye, while the elegance and grace of its movement are captured in the arched neck and cantering stride. The child who receives this little beauty will adore it on sight and it is sure to remain a favourite for many years. Even after its owner has outgrown it as a toy, it will remain a faithful friend in the corner of the bedroom, prettily cantering, waiting for another generation to climb on.

A masterpiece of sculpting, this rocking horse will become a family heirloom and will retain its value as a collector’s item, the attention to detail in construction and finish apparent to any keen observer. It is quite simply an enchanting little horse.

Wooden Rocking Horse


Artistically Crafted and Perfectly Finished

This rocking horses is made entirely by hand and from scratch, using Camphor Laurel timber for reasons of its colourful figuring, sustainability and resistance to insects. The timber is milled , kiln dried, laminated then sculpted by hand. The natural swirls and figuring of the timber, enhanced by modern laminating and sculptural techniques, make each horse an original, unique creation. The horses are customised with real horse hair manes and tails while the bridle and saddle, fashioned from the best grade leather, are made by a professional saddler and give the horse a feel of genuine quality. The polyurethane finish protects the wood from warping or cracking and apart from the occasional wipe with a damp cloth it needs little ongoing maintenance. Unlike mass-produced models that are painted, you never have to worry about your fine piece peeling, chipping or fading over time.

Sustainable in Every Way

By using Camphor Laurel timber, each rocking horse made contributes to the eradication program of this troublesome, invasive tree which at the same time provides a highly decorative, borer resistant timber for sculpting. Because wood is a carbon sink, each rocking horse captures around 13 kilos of carbon for as long as it remains that beloved family treasure which we are confident it will. Even the sawdust produced from making a rocking horse is used as garden mulch. When it comes to environmental credentials these horses should have green halos.


The length of the Wooden Rocking Horse is 95cm and the height to the top of the head is 110cm. At 43cm width and weighing 25 kilos, the size is perfect for little ones to ride.


How to Order your Original Rocking Horse

Available online and shipped directly to your home, this innovative, quality horse will delight and amaze everyone who sees it. The cost for each piece is $2,395 (Australian dollars). An ideal gift for a nursery or growing child, the Australian-made Wooden Rocking Horse will be a treasure to have and to pass down to generations in the future.

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